The Ultimate Guide To Nylon Folding Knife

Whether you are a cop or an outdoor enthusiast, a nylon folding knife will always come in handy.

There are so many things you can do with a folding knife.

Which includes but is not limited to warding off potential attacks, cutting ropes, opening boxes, peeling fruits, and taking care of a whole bunch of other chores, both indoors and outdoors.

For this reason, it is important that you go for the right knife.

In order to do this, there are certain factors that should be considered and they include the following:

The Handle

In order to make the most use of your knife, it is important that the handle is in such proportion that holding or using it feels like a natural extension of your hand.

This means that the size of the handle, the weight, and the design should be such that would allow you freely and comfortably use your knife. If you will be wearing gloves, make sure to test out the knife with your gloves on.

Check Out The Blade Shape

Apart from the handle, the most important area of your nylon folding knife is the blade.

The area of concentration here is the tip and depending on your need for the knife, you can go for a drop point or lento tip. With a drop point, the knife looks like the everyday kitchen knife and works far better in carrying out such tasks as peeling and slicing, also very good in skinning animals.

The design is such that the blade thins out towards the tip of the knife. Tanto, on the other hand, is a replica of a fighting knife carved out of a broken Japanese sword-the thickness of the blade runs up to the tip where it then angles into a sharp point. Very perfect for punctures and chopping.

The Design Of The Blade

This is another aspect that should be considered as it relates to the blade of your folding knife. There are two options here — serrated and straight.

With serrated blades, you can easily cut tough items like fibrous materials. Also, they don’t need to be sharpened always since the ragged edge makes it effective, always. For the straight-edged blades, you will always need them to be sharp in order to be effectively used. So what would it be for you? With teeth or without? It’s up to you.

Quality Of Blade Steel:

The chemical composition and hardness of your nylon folding knife go a long way to determine its durability.

Although blades with high carbon content are known to be harder at the same time, they are highly prone to corrosion. This means that if you want a folding knife for marine use, you should opt for one with less carbon content. If you are not sure, you can ask the retailer or better still, contact the manufacturer’s customer service directly.

Ease Of Opening

Folding knives come in mainly three different types of opening which are manual, automatic, and assisted opening:


With the manual folding knife, you are required to physically open its blade. This can be done with your thumb, with a cutout, or any other method of opening that works for you.


Also referred to as switchblades, this type of folding knife makes use of trigger-like systems that automatically pushes the blade out when pressed or pushed. The law of your state would determine if it is legal for you to own this type of folding knife or not.

Assisted Opening

This fills the gap between manual and automatic.

With the assisted opening nylon folding knife, you need to manually start opening the blade before it then springs out no triggers are pulled or manually opened to the very end.

They are legal in most states of the US, depending mainly on the length of the blade.

Ease Of Sharpening

Unlike what you might think, folding knives are not always easy to sharpen, this is especially because certain designs require to be sharpened held at certain angles. If it is your first time getting a folding knife, then you should opt for the designs that offer very easy sharpening options.

Price Versus Quality

There are various qualities of folding knives which in turn impact their prices. While you can get folding knives for as low as $15 and as high as $500, their durability and functionality would always vary.

Therefore, the higher you are willing to pay for your knife, the more premium knife you can get. The such knife comes with stronger steel, tougher handles with good grips and liners. The tougher the tasks, the higher quality of folding knives you will need.

Understand The Laws

Whatever the purpose for which you are purchasing your folding knives, it is important you know your state’s laws as regards the possession and use of knives. If you work for an agency, you should also be abreast of the policies of such agencies regarding knives. This way, you should be able to know in what situations to put your knife to good use.

Learn To Use It

Practice they say makes perfect. If you are ready and willing to invest in a high-quality nylon folding knife, then you should also devote time to learning how to make good use of your knife. Some of the things you should understand are where to keep your knife for easier access, what angles to use for various functions, tricks, and other helpful tips.

Final Verdict

Nylon folding knives are known to be very effective in carrying out various options including using them indoors and outdoors. For the survivalists who are always out there on one camping expedition or the other, a folding knife is irreplaceable when it comes to cutting ropes, scraping roasted food, peeling fruits, and carrying out other functions. When you know what you want from a given design or type of knife like the nylon folding knife, you will surely appreciate the versatility of folding knives. Go ahead and get one for yourself.