3 Things You Should Always Take to a Picnic

Having a picnic with family and friends (or maybe just you and that special someone) is a great way to enjoyfine food in a different sort of setting.

All sorts of different places make great picnic spots. It’s always a great idea to trade artificial indoor light fornatural light, and surround yourself with the sounds, sights, aromas, refreshing breezes and colors of eithernature or the well kept green spaces in and around your city.

3. Finger Food Entrees & Sides You Can Eat With A Fork

Keep It Simple. Use Hot And Cold Packs To Control Temperature.

There’s no need to go crazy with pasta and sauce combos, soups, or multiple course meals with piping hot entrees. Instead of messing around with thermoses and portable soup warmers, focus your picnic’s menu cheese, fruit, and nut assortments, sandwiches, wraps, pizzas, and other items. That can be eaten without any utensils and can be kept deliciously warm (if need be) by simply wrapping them up in some aluminum foil. If you want to keep a particular dish hot, you can microwave a heat pack and place it near this item in your cooler, picnic basket or canvas picnic bag.

There’s no reason to have to buy paper plates or plastic forks for picnics either. Yes, it can be a drag to have to take plates from home and have them in your basket or cooler clanking against each other, taking up space, and weighing it down. For only a few dollars you can get a set of eco-friendly sugarcane fiber plates that are super light weight, easy to clean, and stack right on top of one another. Bring your fork from home.

2. Bamboo/Sugarcane Fiber Stackable Plates