10 Best Fillet Knife Reviews for 2022

Filleting the fresh fishes with a sharp and smooth knife is very satisfying. You will lose a lot of meat or might cut yourself if you use a wrong knife.

So, it is very necessary to choose a fillet knife, which will help you in filleting the fish, boning the meat, and cutting the baits.  There are also different types of fillet knives that are not only excellent for meats but are also great for other multi-purpose usages.

You don’t have to go anywhere to find your desired fillet knife, as you will find the list of the best filet knives with necessary information here, from which you can choose the one for your kitchen.

Best Fillet Knife Reviews

1. KastKing Fillet Knife, 9 Inch

The thick and strong KastKing’s 9’’ fillet knife is the best one in the market for big fishes like tuna, salmon, and other hard fishes. It removes meat from the bone, fillets fishes, and process the food with ease, thanks to its beautifully finished razor-sharp G4116 German stainless-steel blades.

The flexible fillet knife will provide you with perfect cuts and will slice the meat of fish and chicken with delicate and thinner cuts. It is featured with a non-slip super polymer gripper that helps to grip the knife safely with comfort.

Plus, the handle will help you to have a strong grip on the knife. The handles are easy to clean and are also durable. The fillet knife also comes with a protective knife sheath, which is quite light-weight. You can easily lock the knife in the sheath and can easily remove it when needed.

It protects the blades of the knife, and the open-slot design of it will help to drain the water from the knife to keep it dry. You can take this safe fillet knife with you, while you go fishing or camping.

 This amazing fillet knife will provide you with lost-lasting service and you can use them for a long time to fillet the fishes or to de-bone them.

Top Features:

  • Features razor-sharp G4116 German blades with a black finish.
  • Includes a slip-resistant polymer grip with a super comfortable handle.
  • Protect the blade with a durable knife sheath.
  • Cuts the meat of the fish and chicken with perfection.
  • Easy and comfortable to use.

This KastKing’s 9’’ fillet knife with ultra-sharp blades is best for filleting or trimming big fishes.

2. DALSTRONG fillet knife, 7-inches

If you are looking for a durably designed fillet knife that will help you to slice through the meat without any hassle, then Dalstrong’s 7’’ fillet knife is the right one. It is 1.5mm thick from the spine that allows cutting through the skin and bone of the fish effortlessly.

The ultra-sharp blade is made up of imported high-carbon German steel with 14-16 degrees hand-polished edge on per sides. Filleting, de-boning, and trimming become easy with the flexible blade technology of this fillet knife. It has an award-winning design as it is constructed with premium and high-quality materials.

Moreover, it features a triple-riveted black pakkawood handle, which is ergonomically designed and ensures solid grip and control. The knife is easy to clean as it is stain-resistant and can be sharpened in minutes.

It is engineered with 56+ Rockwell hardness and has a hand-polished spine. Besides this, it comes with a BPA-free protective sheath that will allow you to store it safely in the drawer and a separate leather travel sheath for outdoor adventures.

This best fish fillet knife is used by professional chefs and is the favorite tool of food lovers.

Top Features:

  • Features with razor-sharp blade constructed with imported high-carbon German steel.
  • Includes triple-riveted pakkawood handle for extra-durability and solid grip.
  • 1.5mm thickness from spine;  Easy filleting, de-boning, and preparing.
  • Includes a BPA-free sheath and a leather travel sheath.
  • 100% money-back guarantee.

If you are fond of outdoor adventures, then Dalstrong’s 7’’ fillet knife will be the best fillet knife for you

3. Mercer Culinary M23860 Millennia 8-Inch Narrow Fillet Knife

Designed with innovative and useful features, the Mercer Culinary’s 8-inch fillet knife is every professional chef’s favorite. It is featured with a high-quality carbon Japanese steel razor-sharp blade that smoothly breezes through the meat and bone.

The razor-sharp edge is easy to maintain and makes chopping and cutting quite smooth. The Japanese steel resists stain, discoloration, and rust. It is precisely made for durability and strength.

The sturdy and comfortable to use handle is constructed ergonomically with a combination of Santoprene and Polypropylene. For better grip and safety, it comes with non-slip textured finger points and protective finger guards.

You can use this sharp knife for filleting, de-boning, or slicing a loaf of bread. It cuts with perfection and without any pain. The excellent handle is certified by an independent organization NSF, as it has met all the standards for performance, safety, and quality.

You can easily wash the knife with warm water and soap, rinse and dry it. Plus, the razor-sharp knife will provide you with excellent performance for a long time, as it comes with a lifetime limited warranty.

Top Features:

  • Designed with a razor-sharp stainless-steel Japanese steel blade with a sharp edge.
  • Includes an ergonomically-designed handle.
  • Features textured finger points with finger guard for better grip and safety.
  • NSF-certified for meeting the safety standards.
  • Lifelong limited warranty.

Mercer Culinary’s 8-inch fillet knife will be the perfect knife for safe and lifetime usage.

4. Shun Cutlery Classic Boning and Fillet Knife, 6-inch

Shun Cutlery is known for its ultra-premium performance and exquisite beauty. And one such beautifully-designed fillet knife of Shun Cutlery is its classic 6’’ boning and fillet knife. It is not only beautifully-designed but performs well too.

This knife was handcrafted in Japan, with premium materials and undergoes a lot of steps to give it a flawless and stunning finish. It features a high-quality and authentic VG-MAX steel. You can easily cut with the Damascus-clad blade and the narrow-blade helps in filleting and de-boning quickly with less drag.

 The fillet knife glides effortlessly through the body of fishes to trim the meat and to remove the skin. Plus, the 6-inch length ensures to cut thoroughly and to fillet the fish with perfection. The D-shaped handle made of ebony Pakkawood ensures a solid grip with good control.

Both the blade and the handle look stunning together and is quite premium and durable. It can be used by professional chefs and beginners, in their kitchens and it won’t disappoint for sure.

Top Features:

  • Features authentic and high-performance VG-MAX with a stainless steel Damascus-clad blade.
  • Razor-sharp blade helps to remove the skin and to trim the meat quickly.
  • Handcrafted in Japan with premium materials.
  • Includes D-shaped Pakkawood handle for a secure grip.
  • Lifetime free sharpening by manufacturers.

Sharp and hard, Shun Cutlery classic 6’’ boning is one of the best fillet knives with a flawless and beautiful finished blade.

5. Rapala Heavy-Duty Electric Fillet Knife

If you ever thought of using an electric fillet knife to de-bone and fillet the fishes, then use Rapala’s heavy-duty electric fillet knife. This fillet knife has two times the speed and three times the power of an electric fillet knife.

 It does the job of filleting, de-boning, cutting through the backbones, and rib bones of the big fishes quite faster and easier. The fillet knife is made of high-quality and premium materials and comes with a quiet long-lasting motor.

It is the best electric fillet knife that is featured with 7-1/2 inches reciprocating style blade, which is dishwasher-safe too. Plus, it ensures a relaxed and comfortable grip that helps in fatigue-free filleting of the fishes. This fillet knife enhances the efficiency and usability of the kitchen.

The 8’’ long power cord of the electric fillet knife provides plenty of reaches to do your work on the table. The advanced airflow body design of the fillet knife helps in running the motor smoothly with no heat. It has the right size for all filleting needs.

Top Features:

  • Made of high-quality material.
  • High speed and more powerful than other electric fillet knives.
  • Dishwasher-safe 7-1/2 inches blades included.
  • Quiet and Heavy-duty motor.
  • Features an 8’’ power cord for far-reaching.

Rapala’s heavy-duty electric fillet knife is perfect for quick and smooth filleting of big fishes.

6. TUO Cutlery Boning Knife, 7-inch

A high-performance knife that cut with ease and efficiency is TUO’s cutlery 7’’ boning knife. It is well-designed and comes with a flexible blade. You can trim and de-bone the fish and can do any delicate precision task with this amazing fillet knife.

It features High-carbon German stainless steel that provides long-lasting performance, resists rust, and is wear-resistant. The ultra-thin and narrow razor-sharp blade with 15 degrees per side performs excellently with precise cuts.

The narrow blade provides nimble movement and is best for small to medium-sized fishes. The Pakkawood handle is ergonomically-designed for easy to control and a comfortable grip. The inlay of the handle is anti-corrosion and oil-proof.

This modern and hard fillet knife can slice, chop, and dice different ingredients, whether it is fish, chicken, or vegetables. You can purchase it for yourself or can gift it to someone special. 

In case you are not satisfied with it, you can return it and get your money back as it is backed up with a money-back guarantee.

Top Features:

  • Constructed with rust-resistant HC German stainless steel.
  • Excellent razor-sharp narrow blade with 15-degrees per side.
  • Features Pakkawood handles for better grip.
  • Uniquely designed; Used for chicken, fish, and vegetables.
  • 100% satisfaction or money-back guarantee.

Trimming meat and skinning fish becomes easy with the elegant TUO’s cutlery 7’’ boning knife.

7. PAUDIN Pro Kitchen Knife, 8 Inch

Chop vegetables, cut bread, fillet fish, and de-bone the meat with the best fillet knife PAUDIN’s 8’’ Pro kitchen knife. It can effortlessly do to the task of slicing, dicing, and chopping of vegetables and fruits, and different meat varieties thanks to its sharp blade with razor-sharp edges.

The German stainless steel with a 15-degree edge and 58 Rockwell hardness provide a long-lasting and excellent performance. The German steel protects it from rust and dullness and keeps it sharp. The 2mm thick blade comes with a special-waved pattern that makes the knife more stunning.

The comfortable and soft handle of this fillet knife is ergonomically-shaped for a secure and better grip. The ergonomic shape helps in the easy movement of the knife as it creates the perfect balance between the thin blade and the handle.

It is hand-polished by craftsmen for long-lasting sharpness. This useful fillet knife can bring joy in your kitchen as it is a multi-purpose knife that will make your chopping job easy. Besides this, it comes with a money-back guarantee.

Top Features:

  • Multi-purpose knife; Chops, dices, minces, and fillets easily.
  • Features German stainless steel with a 0.25mm blade.
  • Ultra-sharp blade with long-lasting sharpness.
  • Includes ergonomically designed soft handle for a secure grip.
  • Money-back guarantee included.

With PAUDIN’s 8’’ Pro kitchen knife, you can do all your kitchen tasks like a master chef.

8. American Angler PRO Electric Fillet Knife

Use the most powerful, stainless-steel American Angler’s Pro electric fillet knife to cut through the toughest and biggest fishes. It is designed with superior components, which makes this the best fillet knife for fishes 4-times more long-lasting than other knives.

The pro fillet knife comes with a powerful motor that has 2-times more torque as other knives, so you can fillet or de-bone the big fishes without any hassle. Without much effort, you can clean the biggest muskies too, with it.

 The optimized fillet speed technology gives the power to the electric fillet knife to smoothly de-skin the fillets or to cut through the toughest rib bones.

You can fillet continuously without any worry, as the fillet knife comes with an advanced airflow design that helps to keep the fillet knife cool, no matter how many hours you use it. This handset is compatible with every variation of American Angler replacement.

From small-bodied fishes to tough-scaled fishes, this electric knife has you covered. Moreover, you can use it for a long time as it is also backed up with a 2-year warranty.

Top Features:

  • 2x more torque than other fillet knives.
  • Designed with superior drive train components; 4x more lifespan than other fillet knives.
  • Best for both small-bodied fishes to large-scaled fishes.
  • Advanced airflow design keeps it cool.
  •  2-year limited warranty.

For continuous filleting of all varieties of fish, this American Angler’s Pro electric fillet knife is the best one.

9. Zaelite Infinity Boning (Gokujo) Fillet Knife, 6-Inch

If you’re looking for the best fillet knife for saltwater fish, then consider this option. The visually stunning and razor-sharp Zaelite Infinity’s 6’’ boning fillet knife is ideal for filleting or boning medium-sized fish.  It has a flawless profile, which precisely removes the meat from the bone. Constructed with high-quality ThyssenKrupp stainless steel, this knife resists corrosion, stain, and rust and provides top performance.

The curved blade come with 56 Rockwell hardness, which means a sharp and hard blade with extraordinary edge retention. The curved spine with the beautiful-profiled edge makes this fillet knife quite different from the others.

The 6-inch Japanese-style fillet blade is handcrafted with the traditional 3-step Honbazuke method and has a 15-18 degree cutting angle on each side for maximum sharpness.

 It is pretty comfortable to use this fillet knife, as it comes with a full-tang rounded black handle and a rare tapered bolster. The bolster provides the perfect balance that ensures minimal wrist fatigue and excellent control.

You can debone fish and chicken, trim brisket, and butcher ribs with this incredible fillet knife. It will take your cooking to another level. Moreover, it has a money-back guarantee so you can use it without any risk.

Top Features:

  • Manufactured with German ThyssenKrupp stainless steel.
  • Designed with a tough and sharp curved blade with edge retention.
  • Razor-sharp blade with long-lasting performance.
  • Features a full-tang rounded handle and rare tapered bolster for a perfect balance.
  • 100% Money back guarantee.

The versatile and razor-sharp Zaelite Infinity’s 6’’ boning fillet knife can be the best gift for any home or professional chef.

10. Rapala NK03039-BRK Fish N Fillet

The Rapla’s NK03039-BRK fillet knife is a budget-friendly and efficient fillet knife with super-sharpness. It is ideal for skinning or trimming the meat, filleting the fish, and more. The Handground European stainless steel blade with ultra-sharp edge provides long-lasting top performance. The length of the blade is 7-1/2 inches.

The durable blade increases the usability and efficiency of the fillet knife in the kitchen. The progressively tapered, classic Rapala varnished birch handle gives the fillet knife a modern look.

It also comes with a genuine tooled leather sheath to protect the blade. Moreover, the fillet knife comes with a single-stage sharpener, which is easy to use and helps to keep the knife sharp each time.

It is the best knife for fish, making it a ‘go-to’ fillet knife that can be taken to outdoor adventures like fish hunting. It will provide a great service in filleting the fish with its precise cuts and flexibility. This low-maintenance fillet knife is easy to clean too.

Top Features:

  • Features stainless-steel full-tang Swedish blade with varnished birch handle.
  • 7-1/2 inch blade length.
  • Fine tooled leather sheath included.
  • Features a single-stage sharpener.
  • Long-lasting and easy to clean.

A multi-functional fillet knife with a fine-looking profile is Rapla’s NK03039-BRK fillet knife.

Things to Consider While Purchasing the Best Fillet Knife

Blade Material: The material of the blade is one of the most important factors to consider. Most of fillet knives are made with stainless steel, but some of them are not durable and become useless after a year or two. Make sure the fillet knife you buy is made of high-quality stainless steel as they resist rust, corrosion, and provides service for longtime usage.

Size of the Blade: Yes, the size of the blade is also quite essential for the efficient filleting of a variety of fishes that come in different sizes. Fillet knives with a 5inch shorter blade are best for smaller fishes, while a 6-7 inch blade is preferable for average-sized fishes. And for filleting larger fish like salmon, an 8-9 inch blade is the best.

Sharpness: A fillet knife with excellent sharpness will make your job easy and flawless. The fillet knife you will buy should have an ultra-sharp edge that can cut through the fish precisely, without any hassle. The edges of some fillet knives become dull too quickly, so you should buy a fillet knife with a long-lasting sharp edge.

Besides this, to maintain the sharpness of the edge, make sure the fillet knife can be sharpened easily and quickly.

Handle Material: You have to be very careful while trimming, de-boning, and filleting the fish and should make sure your hand doesn’t slip while doing the job. A fillet knife with a well-constructed handle that is slip-resistant, and secure to grip is quite important.

Some fillet knives come with wood handles, and some with plastic or rubber handles. Wood handles are good, but it becomes slippery when it is wet. So, it might become difficult to control fillet knives with wood handles.

On the other side, Rubber and plastic handles have a more solid grip and provide perfect control, especially rubber handles. And they are easy to clean too. So, you should purchase the fillet knife that has a comfortable and secure grip handle.

Specific Design and Purpose: In the above best fillet knife list, there are high-quality filleting knives and boning knives mentioned. A fillet knife is different from a boning knife. Fillet knives are used for separating skin and bone from the meat while boning knives are specifically used for removing the bones from the meat.

Moreover, fillet knives are more flexible and have thin blades with a curve-shaped edge. They are best for cleaning fish. Boning knives have a less flexible blade with a straight edge that can be used for cutting tough meats, and vegetables too.

So, you should choose the perfect knife according to your requirements.

Final Verdict

Choosing a fillet knife is a tough job, but when you have an idea about what you are looking for in a fillet knife, then it becomes easy for you to select one from the innumerable options.

In case you are confused about which one to select, then I would recommend  KastKing 9-inch fillet knife, as it is best for filleting big fishes with ease and is quite durable too. And for filleting medium-sized fishes, Dalstrong’s 7’’ fillet knife is the perfect one.

The above list is filled with versatile and high-quality fillet knives, and I hope you have found the best fillet knife for you from it.