Folding Knife Used in the Jungle

A folding knife is also known as a pocket knife. Just as the name implies, it can be carried about in your pocket. It is very handy as it can be used for versatile tasks, such as, opening a tin or uncorking a bottle etc. It is generally carried about by men and women to be used for various purposes. A folding knife is a unique tool.

They come in a combination of various blades, which allows for its versatility.

Most pocket knives today feature a number of blades ranging from tweezers to nail cutters, screws etc. It is a 'handy man' tool that is very useful anytime of the day. You do not need to be told that folding knives today are essential for day to day activities, as they can be needed to do stuff at anytime.

They can be really stylish, depending on your budget and preference, you get to choose an appropriate blade style that is unique to you. However, it is a very convenient item to have around for most adults.

Types of folding knives

The types of folding knives available today are dependent on two factors. (1) The type of locking mechanism and (2) The type of blade shape on the knife.First,

let's take a look at the type of locking mechanisms.

Locking Mechanisms in Folding knives

The locking mechanism is very necessary because folding knives need to be capable of assuming three different positions (closed, partially open and wide open). They need to be firm when closed and wide open.

When partially open, they need to be a bit loose or flexible. The locking mechanism is the very key for its functionality. There are various locking mechanisms found on folding knives. A few common ones are listed below.

  • Slip joint
  • Lock back
  • Liner lock
  • Frame lock

A slip joint locking mechanism is one of the most commonly used in folding knives. It uses a spring to keep the blade wide open. This way the blade can close to a certain level if pressure is applied. The spring allows for quick closing or folding of the knife with one hand.

The lock back locking mechanism seemingly replicates the stability of fixed knives. When the blade is wide open, it is held in place by a rolling lock plate. It can be closed gradually be applying pressure on the lock. This way, folding your knife is safe and steady but generally requires two hands to close.

Just like the lock back, the liner and frame lock mechanisms keep the blade securely open when it is in use. They are the most popular locking mechanisms in folding knives today. This is because they combine the stability of lock back and the ease of slip joint. They can be closed with one hand.

Blade shapes found on folding knives

There are a lot of blade shapes for folding knives available today. Your choice, however, is based on your usage, preference or budget. Types of blade shapes include the following;

  • Drop point
  • Clip point
  • Sheep's foot
  • Gut hook
  • Spear point

The Drop Point and Clip Point Folding Knives are generally the most common shapes available. They are both characterized by a sharp point at their tip.

The Sheep's Foot, on the other hand, lacks a point. The sharpened side is straight while the unsharpen side is curved. It is very comfortable, especially for slicing.

The Gut Hook Folding Knives are rather unique. It is an ideal pocket knife for hunting and other uses. It features a sharpened semi -circle with a hook removed from the spine. It also features large cutting edges which are great for slicing and skinning small animals.

Benefits/Uses of Folding Knives in the jungle?

You would agree that a folding knife is a functional tool. This is why it is carried about by craftsmen, handymen and everyday men and women for various purposes. Apart from opening boxes, packages, and other daily uses, the pocket knife is a very handy tool in the jungle. Here are a few benefits of the folding knife in the jungle.


Going camping without a folding knife is a very wrong move. You need a knife for shaving, cutting and slicing your barbecue, cutting ropes etc. A pocket knife with tweezers can come in handy especially in wilderness camping when you are faced with a rogue animal. It is an essential jungle tool so make sure you do not leave it out when you're going camping. It will come in handy more times than you can count. You would also require this tool to build a shelter.

First aid:

A pocket knife can be a very handy first aid tool when you're out in the jungle. It can be used to free captives from booby trap nets or ropes. It is also used for cutting of bandages or tourniquet for first aid treatment. Since this tool is versatile, it can be handy at any time.


Although pocket knives are not designed to be weapons, if you find yourself in a dicey situation while in the jungle, it may be just enough to protect yourself or at least slow down an attack until you can get help. You would agree that being out in the jungle is eventful and may come with surprises. This simple tool can be used for self-defense when the need arises.


Going fishing without a pocket knife is absolutely unforgivable. If your activities in the jungle include fishing, this tool would be highly useful. It can be used for cutting lines and removing hooks.

Peeling and slicing fruits:

You will definitely love to enjoy fresh fruits and veggies in the jungle. The folding knife can also come in handy when you need to peel and cut fruits.


Yes! This can work too. Especially if you use the gut hook blade. You can comfortably slice through and skin animals after your hunt. Getting a trophy from the jungle is really brave and this tool can help you accomplish the task.

Examples of folding knives used in the jungle

You do not want to go out in the jungle with a crappy knife. There are a lot of folding knives for wilderness and jungle survival. Some of them are listed below.

KA-BAR Mule Folder:

This is an ideal survival knife. It is very durable, features a 15 degree edge angle that makes it very sharp.

You can literally slash anything for fun with this knife. The handle is zitel and fits comfortably in the left or right hand of the user. It is portable and relatively lightweight (about 7.2 ounces) The length of the blade is 3 13/16 inches and the open length is 9 1/16 inches.

CRKT M21 Aluminum Folder:

This is another great outdoor jungle survival pocket knife. The steel blade can be sharpened easily when needed. It fears a 3 inches blade and weighs about 3.2 ounces. It also has two locks for safety and can be opened with one hand. It is a very handy, durable and easy to use.


This is a quality pocket knife that is also very durable. It features a loud signal whistle, a spark rod, and a LED flashlight. These features allow this tool to be versatile and very handy in the jungle.

There are a lot of folding knives available in the market. Each of them uniquely designed to suit different persons and uses. Your choice of knives depends on your preference or the type that suits you. In getting a folding knife for jungle use, you should, however, get a good quality tool that is durable and versatile.

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