Cut fruits in different shapes by folding knife

Folding knives make a great piece of collective to show off in front of your friends. These sharp, shiny iconic weapons are carried by outdoors men, craftsmen, men and women like us. If you have ever felt the need of asking why to carry this, we have the answer for you.

One of the main reasons behind the popularity of a folding knife is that it's one of the most functional tools on this planet. This little thing can come in handy even when you want to cut fruits!

Why a folding knife?

Impressing someone while cutting fruits sounds like a far-fetched idea, but when you have a sexy folding knife in hand it may just turn out to be true. So, if you want to avoid looking like a typical housewife while cutting fruits for your healthy body and skin, you may want to consider replacing your big old knife with a little folding one.

There is nothing sexier than seeing a man peeling an apple with his own folding knife. Get the job done, wipe the knife and simply put it down in your purse or pocket! It's really as simple as it sounds and also makes you look a tad sexier.

Are you traveling over the long weekend?

Getting a healthy meal while traveling can get very challenging at times but if you have got a folding knife in your bag than you need not look far. Just get some fresh fruits from the first fruit vendor you set your eyes on and get going!

Selecting the perfect Folding Knife

There are a lot of variations or options available when it comes to folding knives. They include single blade pocket knives, two blade pocket knives, three blade pocket knives (you get the drift), Swiss army knives and survival knives.

All knives are different in style and have their own beauty. When you are selecting a folding knife, it all comes down to your personal taste. Consider it like getting a new accessory of your own. It should suit your style, it should feel good in your hand and it should make you want to carry it everywhere.

How to cut fruits in different shapes by a Folding Knife?

The basic steps to cutting a fruit with a folding knife are-

  • Hold the fruit in your less -skillful hand.
  • Make a slice of the fruit with your skilled hand.
  • After you slice it, pinch the fruit between thumb and the blade of the knife.
  • Bring the blade to your mouth and chomp away. (Be careful of not cutting your lips.)

As basic as it sounds, these set of steps will take you up much higher on the level of sexiness and people will be left wondering about your secret. You can always improvise on your own and cut the fruit into different shapes. Depending on the fruit, this is totally your call.

Where to get a Folding Knife?

Now you are probably wondering where to get the perfect folding knife from, right? Well, the best folding knives are those with a history of their own. Like those antique heirlooms that get passed down from generation to generation.

If you are not lucky enough to have that, you have to take special care because the knife you choose will probably be used by many of your generations. Before that, do ask your father or mother if they already have one with them.

Folding knives are available online and even at stores. Choose the best blade depending on the blade length, the edge, blade type, blade steel and handle material. Just so you know, a medium length, plain edge, and a straight -back folding knife will serve you the best in this case. All you have to do now is find the best online store & choose the weapon of your choice.

You also need to keep some other things in mind that turn out to be quite important later on. The opening and locking mechanisms of various folding knives differ from each other. Some have got manual opening mechanism, some have automatic while the others have assisted -opening mechanisms. Some of the most frequently used locking mechanisms are liner lock, slip joint, lock back, mild lock, frame lock etc.

Choose your blade by keeping all these things in mind.


If you are looking to buy a folding knife just for the heck of it, go with your gut feeling and choose the one that you are most comfortable with. If you have got the dough and you are not afraid of spending some cash, you have a wide range of options. The handle material itself changes the price of the knife substantially.

You will be surprised to know that an aluminum or rubber handle knife costs from $30 to $70.On the other hand, if you want a 3000 -year old oak handle or a stag handle, you will have to loosen your pockets a lot more. It may cost you something around $250 and sometimes even much more than that.

Do not get too technical while choosing the blade you want. If you have reached this point of the article then you obviously want something to flaunt and not something that your life depends on. Just think of your children and consider whether you will feel proud when you pass on your blade to them.

Final Verdict:

A folding knife has been a useful tool for millions of years now but since we are not living in the stone age anymore, we can ease up a little bit while deciding which knife to keep in our pockets. Once you have made the purchase, you must also take care of your folding knife like the most precious thing you own.

You need to keep the blade sharpened at all times, though too much of sharpness can easily hurt you. It's easy to sharpen a straight blade but if your knife has a serrated edge, you need to sharpen it with a round file. All in all, a folding knife is a must -have item in your kitty so make that purchase now!

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