Is That Possible to Cut Down a Tree With a Pocket Knife?

Camping is the most adventurous outdoor activity and we all love to explore the unexplored areas around us. We always like to go to a secluded place for camping and spend some quality time with nature.

This quality time is absolutely necessary to rejuvenate our bodies from time to time. The excitement of the adventures ahead gets the blood pumping faster. Not just the grown-ups, school kids often go off to camps during vacations. But we need to be well-equipped for every situation that may arise while camping.

One thing that is absolutely essential to carry is a pocket knife or a folding knife. If you are one of those camp lovers but you don't own the best pocket knife, you need to stop everything you are doing and read this.

History of the Pocket Knife

The oldest pocket knife dates back to around 600-500 BC. It had a single blade with a bone handle. The First Century Romans went a step ahead and created the very first folding knives. They were usually made of bronze and used friction to stay closed instead of locks. Such blades were found with the soldiers and explorers of that time. With time, the Romans came up with their very own version of Swiss Army knives that included a spoon, blade, spike fork, spatula and a pick.

The Vikings also used to carry folding knives or rather friction folders which used a catch to hold the blade open. The pistol grip Gully pocket knife were the rage during the 1600's and were used for fighting. On the other hand, the penny knife was the farmers' choice due to its low cost. Slip joint knives were introduced around 1660. They featured a back spring that held the blade in open position.

These blades started to be produced at a mass with the Industrial age.

Soon enough, pocket knives became the most important tool for soldiers. Every soldier carries one during the American Revolution. The term Swiss Army Knife' was created by the soldiers of US during World War II but the knife was actually developed in 1891. With time, the French and the Japanese introduced their own variations into the market.

Why is a pocket knife a necessity?

Tent, tent poles, tent footprint, sun shade, sleeping bags, air mattress, pump for the mattress, pillows, day packs, cots, mallets are some of the very important things that should be on your checklist when you make a plan to go camping. But there is one thing that must be your first and foremost priority- a pocket knife.

A pocket knife is an essential tool when you are going for camping or backpacking. People often carry various tools like a simple knife, fork, spoon, tweezers, can opener, bottle opener and many other items separately. What they don't realize is that they can minimize these extra items by buying a simple pocket knife. A pocket knife will serve all the functions of the above -mentioned tools and many others too.

You won't be required to carry big, obscene looking tools anymore if you replace them with a small and convenient pocket knife. It combines several tools in one. A pocket knife can be used for various purposes like-

Preparing food-

You can peel a fruit or use the knife for other cooking tasks as well. Just make sure that your knife is clean. You can sterilize it by dipping it in boiling water or by washing it daily.

Preparing fires-

When the firewood you collect is damp, your knife can prove to be your savior from the cold. You can use it to shave the wood and make some feather sticks. You can also use your knife as a striker.

General camp tasks-

A pocket knife will help you in many camping tasks like working with a cord when the rope gets stuck and need to be cut.

First Aid-

You'll definitely need a knife in case of an emergency like if you need to cut some moleskin or gauze pads to cover a wound.


Your knife will also serve the purpose of a pair of scissors.


A pocket knife with tweezers will prove useful when you end up with a tick or splinter.


It's nice to have some sort of weapon with you when you are out in the wild. You must have heard stories about the guy who fought off a bear with a pocket knife!

Can you really cut down a tree with a pocket knife?

Picture this- You are stuck in the woods all alone. The temperature is dropping by the minute and you need to get to shelter right now. Most of all, you need fire. There are trees all around you but you don't have an ax or even a knife.

Now do you understand why it's important to get a pocket knife when you go camping the next time?

Anyone can land in this situation and you need to be prepared for the worst. In the above situation, if you had a pocket knife it would have proved to be a life-saver. You will just need to get your hands on another tree branch and use it as a mallet or hammer to pound the knife into the tree. All you need to do is keep pounding with all the strength you have.

Final Verdict

Since you will be performing a wide range of tasks with the pocket knife you take with you on camping, you need to choose wisely. Survival knives will do the job if by some unfortunate incident you are stuck in the wild. So you need to find a knife that has balance in it. The weight and size of the knife must be kept to a minimum because of obvious reasons.

For standard family outings, you can go for a straight edge, full tang knife. But if you are out on a solo backpacking trip, you may want to get your hands on a serrated, curved, multi -blade knife that can be used for many purposes. And if you ever do cut down a tree with a pocket knife, don't forget to tell us about it!

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